“Her Reddness”

Toni Redd -"Her Reddness"
Real songs with real emotion
and superb musicianship.
Release Date:    2015

Toni Redd

Toni Redd - "Catching The Redd Eye"
Black Women In Jazz
 (BWIJ Awards) Release Date: 2013
Toni Redd - "N" The Key Of Redd
FB_IMG_1441113081460Contemporary and jazzy smooth R&B.
Release Date:    2008
Toni Redd - "Straight From The Heart"
toniredd album1"Straight From The Heart"
Soulful, thought provoking, smooth harmony
vocals in a contemporary Urban R&B style.
Songs filled with messages that will touch your heart and soul.
Release Date:    2004